Student Presentations

2017 METEOR Student Final Presentation Topics

  • “Athletes, Asthma, and Allergies”
  • “If a parent of a child with T1D is depressed will that affect the child’s health negatively?”
  • “Relation Between Hyponatremia and Cerebral Edema”
  • “Child Voice in Patient Satisfaction with Care”

2018 METEOR Students Final Presentation Topics

  • “The Use of Low Calorie Sweeteners When Managing Type 1 Diabetes”
  • “The Effectiveness of Burn Preventative Strategies Using GIS Mapping”
  • “Nursing Preceptor Satisfaction”
  • “Incentive Spirometry on Respiratory Therapy”
  • “The Making of Fontan’s”
  • “Environmental Toxins Affecting Asthma Patients” 

2019 METEOR Student Final Presentation Topics

  • “Medical Economics of Operating Room Assignments”
  • “Benefits of Phone Apps for Power Mobility Devices”
  • “Assessing Fetal Growth Through Volumetric MRI”
  • “Patient Satisfaction” Are patients satisfied with having a headache nurse as part of their neurology visit?
  • “Measuring Fibrosis in Patients with Heart Transplants”
  • “Resource Needs Among Spanish and English Speakers”
  • “The Impact of Cooling on Transport and Transition to the Blanketrol III on Temperature Regulation in Babies with HIE”
  • “The Difference in Light Intensity Used In Laryngoscope Handles”
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