Year Three

Our students were embedded with our asthma, surgical, engineering, neonatal and cardiology teams. While at Children’s our METEOR students toured our O Pathology, Radiology departments, shadowed in the OR, and clinics and attended a series of lectures. The lectures provided career opportunities and the ever-expanding questions yet to be asked in regards to health outcomes and health disparities.

“The program made scientists seem more accessible. It also made their work seem more diverse than what we’re exposed to in the media and on career day.”

METEOR Student

The students had multiple experiences outside of the hospital including visiting the simulation center at GWU and performing ultrasounds, phlebotomy and intubation with laryngoscopes. Students also talked about their off-site experiences of visiting the NIH, and NLM rare book collection where they viewed a first edition of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” and a rare manuscript on gastrointestinal diseases which dates back to 1094.

National Library of Medicine (NLM) 2019

Trips to the National Zoo Hospital and the FDA exposed our students to different types of research and STEM careers and additional opportunities that they can seek in the future. To end their summer experience, our students toured Capitol Hill where they saw congressional offices and hearing rooms and learned the importance of advocacy for causes that matter the communities we serve. In addition to these outside experiences we had our students meet with two groups of medical students, one was the METEOR version One medical students from GWU, who came to the NIH and NLM for an off- site “lunch and learn” and for a second year, GWU post-baccalaureate students came to Children’s to discuss their career paths with our METEOR students. Both of these sessions had a huge impact on our students as confirmed at their exit meetings.

The students requested more interactions with the postbaccs and more hands-on activities will be incorporated into the 2020 session. Two debriefings were held with the six mentor teams that our students were part of this past summer. The mentors provided valuable feedback including, limiting the lecture schedule, increasing to two full with the mentor team to enable a more in-depth
experience and additional program preparation.

2019 METEOR Student Final Presentation Topics

“Medical Economics of Operating Room Assignments”
“Benefits of Phone Apps for Power Mobility Devices”
“Assessing Fetal Growth Through Volumetric MRI”
“Patient Satisfaction” Are patients satisfied with having a headache nurse as part of their neurology visit?
“Measuring Fibrosis in Patients with Heart Transplants”
“Resource Needs Among Spanish and English Speakers”
“The Impact of Cooling on Transport and Transition to the Blanketrol III on Temperature Regulation in Babies with HIE”
“The Difference in Light Intensity Used In Laryngoscope Handles”

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